expert witness

Appearances in Court

Expert witnesses may appear in Court for presentation of their report findings followed by examination and cross examination by Barristers or other Advocates representing the parties in the dispute.

In many straightforward cases the Court would take the expert witness evidence in the form of the report without the need for a Court appearance.

Where a joint expert witness has been appointed there is provision for either, or both, parties to ask written questions of the expert witness which must be answered in writing. Should the parties be dissatisfied with the report and answers to questions they may apply to the Court for the expert witness to attend a hearing for examination and cross examination.


Experts can be of great assistance to Magistrates and juries in aiding them to determine the issues in a case, including the guilt or innocence of an accused. Expert evidence is admissible to furnish the court with information which is likely to be outside the experience and the knowledge of a judge or jury (Criminal Practice Direction V Evidence 19A Expert Evidence).

An expert witness can provide the court with a statement of opinion on any admissible matter calling for expertise by the witness if they are qualified to give such an opinion. Our experts are registered with the Professional Bodies and trained by some of the leading training providers i.e. Bond Solon, which vouch for their professionalism and continuous professional development.

Our reports are fully independent and are an unbiased product provided by our experts, which fall within their expertise, experience and knowledge and fully comply with the Civil Procedure Rules. Our reports state the facts and assumptions that they are based upon, and do not omit material known facts that might be relevant to the expert’s conclusions.

All our reports are impartial and uninfluenced by those instructing or paying us to give the evidence. We may not accept payments contingent upon the nature of the evidence given or the outcome of the case.

O U R   E X P E R T I S E


Construction, Building Services, Civil Engineering:

Quantum • Railway, Highway, Infrastructure, Building & Refurbishment • Loss of Profit in Construction Contracts • Breach of Construction Contracts • Extension of Time Analysis • Loss and Expense Claims • Flood Damage • Fire/smoke Damage • Storm Damage • Professional fees Construction/Quantity Surveying Costs Control • Planning • Forecasting • Estimating • Interim valuations • Delay cost calculations • Cashflow • Valuation of Sums Withheld Construction Contracts, Subcontracts • Procurement, Selection and Implementation • Loss of Profit • Breach of Contract • Extension of Time • Loss and Expense • Bankruptcy and Liquidation • Resource Management • Scheduling • Tenders • Design • Design Contracts and Management  •Application of Construction Act, Payment Notices, Payless Notices, Notified Sums.

Chemical and Process Engineering, Oil & Gas:

Pre-FEED CAPEX & OPEX Estimating Piping & Instrument Diagrams, Process Flow Diagrams Heat & Mass Balances Main Equipment (Pumps, Pressure Vessels, Compressors, Tanks), Piping, Valves, Pipelines, and Ancillary Equipment Process Simulation Flow Assurance Reliability Materials of Construction Corrosion Exploration, Appraisal and Development Well Design Planning and Construction Intervention and Abandonment Well Control Casing Design Sand Control Mud and Cement Design Offshore Deepwater.

Electrical Engineering/Mechanical Engineering:  

We provide advice in any disputes and support through the litigation process, related to Electrical or Mechanical Engineering across a wide variety of industry sectors.

Information Technology:

We conduct in-depth analysis of all aspects of technology, including Cyber Security. Our experts provide dispute resolution counsel to assist disputing parties in reaching an agreement or offering support during the litigation process.

Commercial & Business:

Commercial Disputes between Businesses Loss of Profit Claims Professional Negligence Corporate Restructuring, Mergers and Acquisitions Fraud and Financial Irregularities Disputes between Directors Breach of Warranties.




Prior to accepting an appointment as an expert witness, the method of calculating fees is agreed. This would normally be a rate per hour of time expended.

When given basic information we provide an estimate of fees based on the probable time necessary to peruse documents, carry out research and prepare the report, because the time required often cannot be properly assessed, however a fixed fee is quoted for the report, depending upon various factors and issues after receiving complete information.

Following submission of the expert witness report, should further information, attendance at Counsel’s conferences or attendance at Court hearings be necessary then further fees will be chargeable at the agreed rate.

We will be happy to guide and assist you throughout the process, and will ensure you are kept up to date along the way.

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